Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a dynamic sequence of poses that involves synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of postures. Each pose is matched with a breath using smooth movement from one pose to the next. Focus is on flexibility and breath and no two classes will be the same, as there is no fixed series of poses. This class is great for those coming out of Yoga Basics who are ready for more of a challenge. Some of our Vinyasa classes are heated.

Slow Flow is about building strength in foundation postures or just experience the postures in a different way. Strength isn’t always about moving fast. Sometimes we can find a deeper sense of the asana by staying in the shape for a longer period of time. In this class we will explore the shapes of strengthening asanas learning to control and access our muscles to get a deeper sense of the postures. 


Power Flow Yoga (Hot Yoga)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga was born out of the Ashtanga Lineage. If you are looking for a challenging class that is tapping back into the roots and traditions of Flow Yoga, this is the class for you!

Ashtanga is a very dynamic and athletic form of Hatha yoga; in this class we will work through a set sequence. This athletic flow combines strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice. Ashtanga is intended to be a moving meditation. But be prepared to work!


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

A carefully crafted yin sequence, followed by a guided relaxation meditation in the style of yoga nidra. This class will be accessible to all levels and will be a slower paced class, as yin stretches are typically held for two minutes or more. If you enjoy props such as blankets or bolster for savasana, please bring your props with you for the guided meditation, to ensure that your body is able to settle into a relaxed position on the mat. 

Warm Strength & Stretch offers a mixture of stretches alongside powerful strengthening movements to improve flexibility and balance. There will be opportunities for optional challenges throughout the class. We will close with a brief series of restorative postures and an extended Savasana.


Power Flow Yoga is an energizing & challenging style of yoga that links breath with movement by using intelligent sequencing. Classes include sun salutations, standing postures, and floor work. In all of our Power Flow classes, the room is heated to 92-95 degrees.

Slow Flow allows a deeper understanding of the asana by staying in the shape for a longer period of time. In this class we will explore the shapes of strengthening asanas learning to control and access our muscles to get a deeper sense of the postures. 

Stretch and Destress Yoga  & Strength & Stretch Yoga 


Yoga Sculpt & Cardio Yoga

Yoga Sculpt means turning up the volume and let's get moving! This energetic class targets and tones the entire body using small weights, bands, cardio exercises and the resistance based benefits of yoga. Expect to tone, tighten, and strengthen isolated muscles while having a good time. This promises to be a fun class and is suitable for ALL levels!

Cardio Yoga is a sweat drenching moving meditation. This class is rooted in Yoga, yet based on science. It blends cardio fitness and a yoga practice that involves improving our inner self while training at cardiovascular intensity. Cardio Yoga offers a chance to explore your breath, thoughts and emotions as you burn calories. Each class begins with a word of focus, a 15 minute warmup, about 30 minutes of cardio and wraps up with some functional strength with yoga postures. You will sweat and you will feel empowered. Are you ready for the journey? 

Vinyasa/Yin (Vin/Yin) 

Vin/Yin is a class involving part vinyasa flow and part yin asanas. By beginning with strong, heat-building movements of vinyasa, we awaken the body. The latter half of the class will offer deep, passive stretches allowing the body and mind to receive and open. This contrast nurtures the balance of masculine and feminine energies, leaving you feeling aligned, alive, and at peace.


Group Classes We Offer


Gentle Yoga ,Yoga Stretch , & Foundational Flow (All Levels) 

Gentle Yoga will start with a centering breath. We will flow into movements to warm up our muscles, then create yoga postures allowing for extra time and modifications as needed. We will focus on safe stretching and strengthening and add in elements of balance. Each class will end with a relaxing guided meditation. This class is well suited for anyone new to yoga, coming back after a long period of time, or seeking a little more time to move into postures and stretches.

Yoga Stretch invites you to connect deeply to the breath, through gentle vinyasa style movements. After a series of flows, we will allow time for our minds and bodies to come to the deep rest of restorative yoga.

Foundational Flow is a slower paced class that focuses on alignment & breath. This class is appropriate for all levels and includes foundational poses designed to enhance strength, flexibility & balance. 

*These classes are appropriate for all levels*


Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is naturally healing and vital for balanced physical and mental health. Yin focuses on the connective tissues of the body by holding specific postures for around 4 minutes each. Calming and soothing, Yin yoga helps us to regain the balance in our very Yang (busy, moving, changing) lifestyles. This class is a deep stretch class and is for all levels of yoga practitioners.